Albarrie Environmental

340 Huronia Road
Barrie, ON L4N 8Y9 Canada

Phone: View Phone Number705-737-3906
Fax: View Fax Number705-737-9652

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Company Description:

Albarrie Environmental Services (AES) is the leading North American textile manufacturer specializing in a complete range of filtration products and maintenance expertise. Our stringent quality assurance procedures on all the fabrics we produce; our stringent standard controls on the bags we fabricate; and our years of expertise and experience have established Albarrie as a world leader in dust collector optimization services, filter media and filter bags.

 We manufacture a full range of particulate filter bags for all dust collector systems; as well as, fabrics and filters for liquid filtration applications.

We’re a leader in the baghouse dust collector service industry, and the only completely integrated filter bag supplier in North America.

In addition to our filter bags and liquid filters, we supply baghouse accessories including cages, door seals, dryer drum seals, fluorescent leak detection powder and other custom products.

Our services include rapid-response troubleshooting, baghouse inspections, regular maintenance, filter bag replacement and high-efficiency filter bag cleaning, which is performed in the baghouse.

No other company in North America has the ability to offer fiber selection, custom filter bag fabrication, expert installation and ongoing inspection and maintenance like us, making Albarrie the continent’s only fully integrated filter bag supplier.

Product Information:
Albarrie Environmental Services manufactures nonwoven filtration fabrics, liquid filters, and particulate filter bags for all dust collection systems. We're also leading provider of dust collector baghouse services.

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