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Tool Inventory  and Tool Tracking is becoming an important business requirement for contractors. It used to be that only large equipment was tracked.  However, as small tool and small equipment costs have increased and specialized tools have become more important, the need for better methods of tracking tools has increased. Contractors spend too much money on tools.  They buy tools that are lost, stolen and miss-placed constantly.  Contractors waste too much time searching for needed tools. They spend hours searching for tools that should be easy to find.  ShareMyToolbox is an easy to use phone app that offers a simple solution to this problem.

Using Android or Apple phones you can:

Search and find a needed tool quickly and easily.

Quickly see who is responsible for every tool even if you are in the field.

Field foreman and superintendents can transfer responsibility for a tool when they hand it off while in the field.

Update a cloud based tool inventory instantly when tools are transferred.

This is a simple solution to tool tracking and tool inventory management.  Stop wasting time chasing tools around.  Get a tool tracking and tool inventory solution that is modern, simple and affordable.

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Find us if you need a tool tracking app or tool tracking software. Or if you need tool inventory, equipment inventory or small tool inventory tracking.  Barcode tracking and small tool tracking is included. Bar-coding can be done right from your phone!

How is ShareMyToolbox different?

ShareMyToolbox is a mobile small tool tracking and equipment management solution for contractors and based on peer-to-peer sharing.  A company can setup a tool inventory catalog with all their tools and small equipment in our cloud.  The company then connects field users using a simple mobile app so that field users can search and request tools from their phones.

The app helps foreman and superintendents browse the tool library of the company as well as other connected users. They can request to borrow or loan tools from the company or other employees. The key difference for ShareMyToolbox (as opposed to traditional tool inventory systems) is that it is built for the field.  ShareMyToolbox pushes responsibility for tools out to field users rather than centering responsibility in the office like a traditional accounting system.

Consider ShareMyToolbox if you need a simple solution to deliver the following benefits:

1)      Make it easy to search and find tools when needed.

2)      Increase responsibility for tools.

3)      Be Organized and maintain a tool inventory.

Here are some key features of our tool tracking system:

·Unlimited tools can be tracked

·Unlimited users can be purchased and connected

·Easy to use interface makes training quick and simple

·Tool warranty and maintenance alerts pop up on phones

·6 pictures per tool can be stored in our cloud

·Track the date due back if loaned

·Track the date purchased, purchase price, warranty date

·Track the manufacturer, model number, serial  number

·Link to the manufacturer's website and owner's  manual

·Bar-code tracking is built in but optional.

·Tool inventory can be transferred to Excel

·Transaction history of tool transfers is maintained on phone and in cloud

Our field sharing concept not only provides tool visibility to everyone connected, but it forces accountability by requiring acceptance of transactions. ShareMyToolbox thus accomplishes far more than traditional tool tracking systems that rely on a tool administrator to simply log who has a  tool.

The basic version of ShareMyToolbox is free but can be expanded to our Enterprise version to provide more company features. 

Learn more at:

Tool Tracking video at:

Read  more about small tool tracking at:

Bar-code tracking at:

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