13333 Highway 24 W,
Fort Wayne, IN 46814 United States

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Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, ALmix serves the asphalt industry around the world. Wemanufactureadurably built and detail-oriented line of asphalt plants and HMA equipment.Everything we make is designed from our customers’ perspective, fullycustomized for youroperation and built to last.With ever-changing demandsandthe increased costs of materials and energy, our staff ofdesignersand engineersiscontinuously refining and expanding our product line to takeadvantage of new technologies.At ALmix, we go beyond just making mix. Our focus is toproduce it more efficiently and more safely.To relocate more quickly and to operate moreeconomically. To deliver equipment built to last and designed with the details the industrydeserves.To date, ALmix have delivered more than 1,000 mixing plants, ranging from 25 to 600 TPH,operating in the United States and many other places around the world, including Mexico,Canada, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Morocco, Algeria, Ecuador, Haiti, Russia, Malaysia and Singapore.

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World Class Control SystemsThe ALmix Insignia Control System or ICS, is a Total Plant Control System in every sense of thephrase. It has been organically designed through a collaboration of ALmix software engineers,field service personnel and plant operators. Its open architecturehas been designed from theground up to be able to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the asphalt plant industry.Welcome to a New Standard in HMA Automation

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    Aggregate Equipment
    Plant Site Equipment
        Parts and Components
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