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ALmix is the manufacturer of a new generation of asphalt mixing plants rooted in innovative technology and a supreme attention to detail. Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana for over 50 years, ALmix serves the asphalt industry around the world.  We provide our customers with a complete range of both drum and batch asphalt plants and auxiliary equipment, fully customized and built to last.

Whether your need is a key component or a full-scale drum or batch plant, let our team assist in determining the best solution to your equipment needs.

The UF-Series Drum Mixer utilizes a special bolt-in flight design for maximum drying and mixing efficiency, lower stack temperature and reduced fuel consumption.  The drum entry begins with spiral flighting followed by a drying zone incorporating veiling flights constructed from abrasion resistant steel. The burner combustion zone incorporates our specially designed combustion flights, which continually move the superheated material through the combustion zone without carrying or veiling the material through the flame. The combustion flights also act as a primary wear surface designed to relieve the drum shell from direct abrasion and the direct intensity of the burner flame. The mixing zone is equipped with our specially designed castle mixing flights, which are “bolt in” to allow the customer endless flexibility in mix zone adjustments. Optional variable frequency drive (VFD) controlled drum speed allows fine tuning of the veiling pattern to accommodate maximum efficiency for each mix design.


Have questions for us? Ready to start your project? Our team of experts is standing by to help.

Product Information:
The ALmix UF-Series Counterflow Drum Mixer is the flagship product from ALmix. It is designed for asphalt contractors seeking the most efficient, mechanically sound, aesthetically pleasing and adaptable asphalt plant the market has to offer. The UF-Series is available in several sizes as well as in both Portable and Skid Mounted designs. The UF-Series has multiple burner options and single-point trunnion adjustment comes standard on every model. Optional indexing slinger conveyor entry and vari

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