Astec, Inc.

4101 Jerome Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37407 United States

Phone: View Phone Number423-867-4210
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Company Description:

Astec Inc., a division of Astec Industries, is a world leader in the production of both warm and hot mix equipment technology, support and training and is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete line of portable, relocatable and stationary asphalt plants from 80tph to 600tph.  Astec manufactures equipment under the Astec and Dillman brands.

In addition to its focus on equipment technology, Astec Inc. is committed to providing world-class sales, service, parts and technical support, delivering its customers the service they expect and demand in today’s competitive environment.

By focusing on providing state of the art technologies in its design and equipment, Astec, Inc. offers its customers innovative products that help them reduce the cost of doing business, while at the same time providing an outstanding end product in terms of smooth and long lasting roads.

Keep operating costs down while making use of stockpiles of reclaimed asphalt pavement. The Double Barrel XHR runs mix with up to 65% RAP. 

How is quality mix achieved with a high RAP mix? The Double Barrel XHR employs two mixing technologies proven for over a quarter century in the HMA industry, an outer chamber on the drum and an external mixer. The V-Pack™ Stack Temperature Control System maintains as low an exhaust temperature as possible when running a high RAP/low virgin mix, because less virgin material in the drying portion of the drum could potentially result in high exhaust temperatures. Finally, stainless steel drum and combustion flighting withstand the higher temperatures associated with running high RAP.

    Aggregate Equipment -- Distributor
        Bins and Silos
        Conveyors -- Manufacturer
    Plant Site Equipment
        Parts and Components
            Air Pollution Control
                Baghouses & Baghouses Supplies -- Distributor
                Monitoring Equipment -- Manufacturer
                Scrubbers -- Distributor
            Asphalt Pumping, Metering & Calibration -- Distributor
            Bucket Elevators -- Distributor
            Conveyors/Feeders -- Manufacturer
            Energy Recovery Systems & Engineering -- Distributor
            Filler Dust Systems -- Distributor
            Heaters (tanks, hot oil, fuel oil, etc.)
            Hot Oil Systems and Piping -- Manufacturer
            Lime, Silos, Blenders & Slurry Systems
            Storage Tanks (additive, asphalt, emulsion & fuel) -- Manufacturer
        Plants -- Distributor
    Miscellaneous Equipment
        Noise Control -- Manufacturer
        Warm Mix Asphalt -- Manufacturer
        Environmental Permitting -- Manufacturer
        Training -- Manufacturer
        Zoning & Permitting -- Manufacturer
    Maintenance & Repair
        Cleaning and Painting
        Field Equipment -- Manufacturer
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